Since Eleonora was a little girl she has always been fascinated with show business. Eleonora first performed on the stage of the “Teatro Artemisio” in Velletri, the city in Italy were she was born.   The inspiration for art was already developed when Eleonora was a little girl. In fact, while Eleonora was attending dance school she was also organizing afternoon performances in the garage of the condominium where she was living, charging admission to her audience members (often those who lived in her building).    Eleonora attended dance academy for ten years. At sixteen she began attending modeling school in Latina, Italy, where she also started numerous other activities in the fashion business. Eleonora then moved on to an artistic career with fashion shows, picture movies and photo shoots.   In this period Eleonora encountered Prestidigitation and fell in love with it. Her adventurous voyage in the world of magic thus began. First as an assistant, then as part of a female duo, she became famous with a series of shows all over the world.     HER LITTLE FRIENDS   Those who know Eleonora also know how much she loves animals. Spazzolina, her inseparable canine friend and roommate, performs in all her shows. To call Spazzolina a dog may not be accurate, as she is more a “patient” cohabiting with Eleonora alongside the other little friends in the house: Micia, Topolino, Puzzola, Giulia, Marroon, etc.   Here are some photos of Eleonora in her happiest moments:     THE CALENDAR   Eleonora has also appeared in her own calendar. In 2005 she was the protagonist of the only calendar of Prestidigitation in the world. The uniqueness of the calendar is matched only by Eleonora’s own beauty, sweetness, and brilliance.   Some photographs:

Eleonora Princess of Magic - Biografia
Princess of Magic magician biografy
Eleonora Princess of Magic Notizie e Curiosita
Eleonora Princess of Magic Curiosity
Eleonora Princess of Magic i miei piccoli amici
Eleonora Princess of Magic her little friends
show-eleonora princess of magic
show Eleonora Princess of Magic
Show Cabaret di Prestigio
shows Prestige Cabaret
Show-Close up
Shows-Close up
Show-I miei primi 42 anni
shows-my first 42 years
Curriculum vitae
curriculum vitae
Show Bazeco,la fusione di Bagaglino Colorado Cafè e Zelig