Grisby “The Magic Horse” Grisby is a diverse artistic performance in which magic, illusions, and dance are the protagonists in a revisitation of “Cirque du Soleil” and “David Copperfield”. Ten artists take the stage: Eleonora (magician-conjurer), known for her performances at the Lidò in Paris and the Magic Castle in Hollywood–the world’s most important theater for magic; Tatiana Budzan (contortionist), Guinness world record holder and frequent guest on talk shows throughout the world; and Marika Riggio (aerial dancer), among the finest in Italy; together with a dance crew directed by choreographer Lilia Retrosi. In this magical journey, with Special Effects and Big Illusions sure to dazzle adult audiences, there is also a tribute to “magical” characters; in the fairy tale segment of her performance, Eleonora meets the Winx, Mary Poppins, and the Turquoise Fairy, who are sure to amuse and entertain even the youngest members of the audience. The Big Illusion performances are directed by Gianni Mattiolo (among the world’s most important magicians working with animals), while Mirko Menegatti is the technical director for magical effects. . . . take a ride on our magical horse, and come and see Grisby . . . a world of fantasy and imagination! The Story The performance begins with its protagonist, “Eleonora”, as a child, who is transformed by two fairies into a woman with magical powers. Eleonora sets off on a fantastic adventure with her two new friends. She finds herself in Egypt, surrounded by animals, odalisques and precious stones; in a land of fairies, playing cards, and butterflies; where puppets, jokers, and marionettes come to life in an exciting and surreal world. Here Eleonora also discovers love, the most important element. The performance includes contortionists, jugglers, acrobats, dancers, aerial dancers and comedians. The show is based on a variety of effects, from lights and sounds that accompany the choreography to magnificent acrobatic performances, games, apparitions and disappearances, and puzzling illusions–all in the presence of a comedian/distracter where the surreal becomes reality. Though designed for children, Grisby is sure to delight audience members of all ages.

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