“My First 42 Years” by and with Pippo Franco “My First 42 Years” is a celebration of approximately the first 40years (the exact start of his career is uncertain) of theatrical performances by Pippo Franco. Franco attempts to make sense of the frenetic and unnerving present through the wit of a comic. He acknowledges having been born in a world in which history determined one’s personal and daily life, but then found himself in another world; one in which the concept of personal life has lost significance in the face of the pursuit of happiness at all costs, unbridled egoism, consumerism, success, and power. Looking at his own life in show business through a comedic lens, Franco revisits past experiences in an attempt to comprehend the difficulties of existence today. With his faithful “Pandemonium” players by his side, Pippo Franco offers musical interludes to his audience. Time-honored songs are recreated in a typical cabaret fashion in an attempt to give life to a totally new repertoire (and here is the true form of the show) based on impromptu moments of laughter.

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